Easyworship 6

Nieuwe Update Easyworship 6 – build

Nieuwe Update Easyworship 6 – build 🙂

Naast diverse kleine probleempjes te hebben opgelost, ook enkele nieuwe Mogelijkheden,
helaas niet de dingen waar we met smart op zitten te wachten,
maar goed, wel veel kleine verbeteringen, en hoe de nieuwe opties zullen werken
dat gaan we in de praktijk opndervinden !!
Veel Beamplezier allemaal !!
Hieronder de lijst met nieuwe dingen :
•Add the ability to convert EasyWorship 2009 nursery and message options.
•Added message alerts.
•Added message tokens and countdowns.
•Added service start and stop times to work with message alert countdowns.
•Added new menu option in schedule options to disable auto expand when dragging.
•Added the ability to auto rotate JPEG picture files using the EXIF data supplied by the picture.
•Made some changes to speed up RTF parsing in editor.
•Added the ability to drop reflowed scripture text into editor instead of just creating one slide of text.
•Added Font Compatibility list in options to select fonts that cannot be substituted in text editor for default system fonts. This fixed problem with ? showing up in outline edit for some fonts.
•Added Font Fallback list in options that allows user to select which fonts to fallback to when a font cannot be located.
•Added new spell check options dialog to menu of editor.
•Added the ability to type font name in font drop down to quickly locate a font.
•Added the ability to use scroll wheel in font drop down.
•Added the ability to select all text in editor and force the editor out of auto size mode by incrementing text size up or down.
•Added the ability to overwrite text in editor instead of just inserting.
•Added check to see if media or theme is already being used before we allow a it to be deleted by user.
•Added right-click “Copy Scriptures to Clipboard” function to scripture selector in main window.